Alumni Mentorship Program 


Aim: The mentorship program is established to create a system of support for young alumni who have recently graduated, just moved to Singapore, are looking for a career change or experiencing other major transitions. It taps on the wide range of experience and industries that are represented in our Bruin alumni base in Singapore.


Objective: To strengthen the expanding Bruin network in Singapore that forms the pipelines of engaged members who are ready to support and expand the association in the future besides to establish potential lifelong connections with other Bruins.

Program Overview

Network Event    : 4th Oct, 2015 (630-9pm).

Location              : Playeum, Children's Centre for Creativity, 47 Malan Road, Singapore 109444 (Gillman Barracks)

Duration: The mentorship program is to last for 3 months (Oct '15 - Dec '15) and mentors/mentees are encouraged to continue their interaction after the program.


Mentee Application: Please click here.


Matching: Mentees to indicate preferences based on mentors’ biography. Mentors will reciprocate based on compatibility and availability.



-     Mentors/mentees are to communicate at least twice per month

-     Adhere to the “48 hours reply rule

-     Attend a mandatory “Network Event for Mentors and Mentees”

-     Mentors/mentees are encouraged to use our monthly mixer on every second Thursday to meet up



-     Be UCLA alumni or students based in Singapore

-     Keep any commitments made and communicate clearly in a timely manner

-     Behave professionally and respect any confidences shared

-     Take initiative to drive the relationship and be responsible for your own personal and career growth

-     Invite feedback and be open to constructive criticism and discussion



-     Be alumni of UCLA based in Singapore, with a minimum of 5 years’ leadership experience

-     Suspend judgment, accept and be respectful of mentees’ strengths and weaknesses and be a role model by demonstrating professional behavior

-     Be upfront with time availability and keep any commitments made

-     Inspire mentees to strive for betterment by providing encouraging feedback and stretching their limits

-     Be the catalyst for mentees to develop their own network and provide resources for mentee to expand their opportunities


If you are interested to be a mentor, please drop us an email.

Please direct any inquiries via email to